Insert Title Here Films  is a film and production company run by Elizabeth Hagale of Huntsville, AL. Elizabeth has been featured on the cover of GO Magazine  for her series Son of Somerset Files  and has received two awards from local film competitions. You can check her out on Facebook or YouTube as well as several other media sites.  
Jessica Dotson  is a graphic artist who works as a Technical Illustrator in Huntsville, AL.
In her free time, Jessica works as a freelance graphic designer and photographer.
Her portfolio features examples of photography, design, sketches, and illustrations.
Matt Chandler  is an artist based out of Huntsville, AL. He specializes in commercial, editorial, and lifestyle photography. His work has been featured by Shattered Magazine and WAFF 48 News. You can view his online portfolio at .
Nothing Too Fancy Treasures  is a personal business run by Angie Marie out of Denver, CO that offers unique handmade dreadlock beads, natural body and hair care products, funky jewelry, tie dyed treasures, and more! You can check out their page on Facebook or browse their products directly on Etsy . Custom orders are welcome!
Words Will Keep Us Together  is the project of Gregory T. Janetka, a writer from Chicago who currently lives in San Diego. Gregory has been published in several writing journals and is in the process of publishing a novel. Dedicated to all things writing, his site features original short stories, poetry and other musings.
You Got Yours  is a small business owned by Amy Keener that was formed with the goal of creating quality collectible items at a reasonable price.  They offer many products to enhance festival going experiences such as hat pins, patches, jewelry, and more. Check out their site, , to browse or buy their wares.