I finally got my Hamacon pictures edited!
For those of you who might not know, myself and a few other local artists (including Jessica Dotson and Andrew Gonzales) volunteered to work on the staff for Hamacon as photographers the last weekend in June. It has taken awhile to get them finished because this past month has been filled with exciting events, announcements, and design work . Among other things, both my sister AND best friend got engaged (yay!!), my husband bought his first 18-wheeler to officially start his own logistics company, and I have accepted a secondary position as Production Designer for the Community Journal (more info on that soon). So much big news!
So on to Hamacon! As a review for anyone who hasn't heard of it, Hamacon is the Rocket City's Anime Convention, Huntsville's smaller (but growing!) equivalent to events like Dragoncon (Atlanta) or Comic-Con (San Diego). It's a family friendly event that is geared primarily towards fans of anime (Japanese Animation), but fans of comic books, video games, and other communities are welcomed and encouraged as well. The con itself boasts a full 3-day schedule of forums and discussions on related topics, panels and autograph sessions with industry voice actors and artists, music concerts, times for purchasing both manufactured and handcrafted goods, video and board game activities, a cosplay (costume play) contest, and more. Special events this year included an exhibit from Space Camp Robotics, Aikido demonstrations, interactive games and game shows, a Saturday night Rave, and even an informative sake tasting pannel for those 21 and up. Being a visual person, my favorite area to visit was the arts and crafts area, which hosted a sewing panel, Perler bead crafting, origami, and more.
Overall the weekend was a non-stop adventure. There were so many things to see and do; if you live in the area and haven't been before, I would definitely recommend going! Although another full weekend event won't happen again until next June, they are having a one day mini-con in November (whose planning is already in the works).
While I took a lot of pictures that weekend, I can't include them all here on my site, so below are some of my favorites. They preview a nice variety of the events and serve to give a taste of what all could be seen at the con. Check them out and let me know what you think!