This week I wanted to talk about an awesome local publication called the Community Journal that I had the opportunity to act as layout designer for during the production of their most recent printed issue. The slogan on the journal header reads "Connecting you to your community. Discover how Tennessee Valley nonprofits are making an impact." That is exactly what the Community Journal is about - connecting organizations and individuals in the community.
On the web, the Community Journal allows individuals and groups to share their inspiring stories for others in the community to read. It's a great place where nonprofits can inspire others and reach out to the community in a strategic way. People can visit the site to read heartwarming stories and find groups that they would be interested in partnering with in the future.
Like the website, the printed Community Journal features stories about North Alabama nonprofits, written and photographed by local artists. However, not only does it feature inspiring stories, it also offers the opportunity for local business and organizations to advertise on a printed media that will be seen by thousands around the Tennessee Valley area. Every two months when a printed issue is released, over 10,000 people receive a mailed copy of the journal, in addition to the thousands of copies that are place in local coffee shops, eateries, and bookstores where they can be picked up. A digital version of the latest issue can also be found online.
So if you haven't heard of the Community Journal before now, or if you haven't read the latest version yet, I encourage you to pick one up! It's a great opportunity to learn about how our community is being changed for the better and how you can get involved in the future. If you would like to submit a story for publication or become an advertising partner or sponsor of the journal, you can find more information about that and more on their website, .