boardgame artwork pt.1

I love board games, so this week I wanted to tie together two of my loves, design and gaming. I really wanted to do a series talking about the many different types of artwork found in board games, but as an introduction this week, I want to talk more about why good artwork for a board game is so important and give an example with one of my favorite games, Dixit.


This week, I wanted to talk about a word that is very important in the design community: vector. Although it's a term that I use almost every day, I have come to realize that most people outside of the design community don't know what I'm talking about when I use that word. So if you don't know what "vector" is or have heard the term but didn't understand it, allow me to give you an explanation of what it means.


This week I wanted to talk about an awesome local publication called the Community Journal that I had the opportunity to act as layout designer for during the production of their most recent printed issue. The slogan on the journal header reads "Connecting you to your community. Discover how Tennessee Valley nonprofits are making an impact." That is exactly what the Community Journal is about...


This past week, I set about updating an older digital collage I had created and transformed it into the piece, Taking Flight. With a little additional cropping and shading, I was able to turn it into what I felt was finally a portfolio worthy piece. In addition to just showing the piece, I wanted to explain a little about what goes into creating a digital collage like this one.


This post is dedicated to all of the wonderful people in my life that are getting married (or have gotten married recently), but mostly to the now Mrs. Chelsea Fincher, her now husband Aaron, and their cute daughter, Bailey, as they are the ones featured in the images. My friend Andrew LOVES portrait photography, and a few weeks ago he asked if I wanted to come with him to an engagement shoot for one of our mutual friends...


So, about THE KREW! The Krew is a group of gamers, local to the Huntsville area, that was formed by Karl "With a K" Liggin with the vision of participating in the Extra Life charity event 2015.
For those of you who know Karl, Witak ("Wit' a K") is both his gamer name and how he introduces himself to new people, hence the...

hamacon 6

I finally got my Hamacon pictures edited!
For those of you who might not know, myself and a few other local artists (including Jessica Dotson and Andrew Gonzales) volunteered to work on the staff for Hamacon as photographers the last weekend in June. It has taken awhile to get them finished because this past...


While browsing around for things to see in Alabama, I came across an article that mentioned a Rainbow Tunnel next to Railroad Park in Birmingham. It looked gorgeous! I had been to Railroad park once or twice but had never seen nor heard of this tunnel. Being a color junky,
I knew I had to visit and take some (hopefully) creative, color filled images...